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Got a good Chinese name for your brand?

Posted in Chinese language,East and West by Administrator on the January 4th, 2012

In China, names have deep significance. They can influence consumer behavior and imagination. When a foreign brand wants to enter the Chinese market, the first and the most important thing to do is to have an excellent and well-thought Chinese name that caters to the Chinese people. I consider these foreign brands’ Chinese names smart, easy to read and remember, pleasant to the ears, and very meaningful.

On top of the winners’ list is Revlon 露华浓. The Chinese name actually came from Tang Dynasty famous poet Li Bai’s poem. The name makes people wanting to try the cosmetic and make oneself look as beautiful as Tang Emperor Xuanzong’s beloved concubine Yang who was regarded as one of the four most beautiful women in China’s history.

The 2nd place winner is Coca-Cola 可口可乐 literally means happy mouth makes a happy person.

The rest on my favorite names list are:
Cannon 佳能 for good functions and capabilities
Home Depot 家得宝 for home receives treasure
IKEA 宜家 for easy and comfortable home
Nike 耐克 for endurance, persistence and long-lasting
Reebok 锐步 for quick steps. I would want a pair of shoes feel so light on my feet that I feel like I can run faster.
BMW 宝马 for precious horse
Channel 香奈儿 very good phonetic translation, sounds soft and fragrant
Master 万事达 for achieve 10,000 things
Carrefour 家乐福 for happy and lucky family
Bing 必赢for winning every time

On the contrary, phonetic translation like Hilton 希尔顿 means nothing in Chinese. To come up with a good Chinese name is not easy; however with some knowledge and due-diligence it is achievable.