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What are the Chinese most interested in doing besides making money?

Posted in Chinese people by Administrator on the September 13th, 2012

I read a blog on this topic recently. One comment said that the other four things the Chinese like to do are: buy house, eat, play mahjong, and travel. Even though this is very true to the common people, in the business world however, the blog said there are four other important things for the Chinese business people. Because the blog I read is in Chinese, I now summarize it in English below. It’s interesting to know that young Chinese business people today are not that much different than western business people. Or at least, they are learning from the westerners.
1. Low key is the number 1 attitude a good business person should have. Always respect others and put others above yourself.
2. Your values are essential in everything you do, from small action to big decision-making.
3. Patience and persistence will make a big difference in your business’ success or failure. People respect businesses that last 100 years, but forget businesses that lasted only three or five years. Time will put your patience and persistence to test. One of the lasting Chinese wisdoms is: do things slowly but do it right.
4. Having a sharp and correct vision for the future is a must. It’s also critical to find the right partners along the way. Owners may have to do things not directly contribute to the revenue of the business such as supporting disaster relief, or being Good Samaritan to the society.
So what do you think about the above four points?