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Many Faces of Shanghai

Posted in Travel and Adventure by Administrator on the October 22nd, 2010

– an introduction to my home town
The movie “Shanghai” ended with the actor’s voice echoing over the Huangpu River “I liked Shanghai so much and I returned…” The end of 1930’s and the beginning of 1940’s, Shanghai was a playground for spy, soldier, foreigner, gangster, communist and capitalist all-kind. In the midst of turmoil, common people went to work as usual, retailers, movie theatres and night clubs were still open, and rickshaws and trolley buses were hustling on the narrow streets.
Shanghai is China’s largest industrial city and business center. Once you step your foot on the ground, you will feel its energy and excitement. Modern colossal buildings draw the skyline of Shanghai yet hiding among them there are many themed boutique hotels and streets let you see and experience the old time atmosphere. Among them The Mansion Hotel is at the top of the accommodation list. The villa was originally designed by French architect Lafayette in 1932 and was owned by a partner of infamous Shanghai syndicate boss Du Yue Sheng until 1949. Now it is an important historical building to operate legitimate businesses and host the cities most extravagant parties at night. To visit the hotel’s elegant 1930’s lobby and to eat at its rooftop restaurant are highly recommended when you visit Shanghai. Xintiandi (literally means “new heaven and earth”), the old French Concession district of Shanghai, is another very popular shopping and dining place. Interesting old city Shiku Gate (also called Shanghai Alley) were turned into mixed Chinese-European styles. Several famous Chinese’s residences are open for visitors including Sun Yat-sen’s Former Residence, Premier Zhou Enlai’s Former Residence, and Soong Ching Ling’s Former Residence.
Rich in historical and cultural resources, Shanghai attracts both domestic and overseas tourists. On top of the traditional views list are Yuyuan Garden, Town God’s Temple, and the Ancient City Wall and Dajing Pavilion. On top of the modern attractions list are the Bund, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai Museum with a huge bronze collection, Shanghai Grand Theatre, Shanghai Circus World, Jin Mao Tower with a stunning view from the 88th floor of the Grand Hyatt, and Shanghai Magnetic Suspension Train with a speed of 268 mph.
Crisscrossed with rivers, rivulets, lakes and ponds, Shanghai borders the Taihu Lake valley and has beautiful natural scenery zones along the Huangpu River and the Wusong River. On the periphery of Shanghai, 2 to 3 hours of bus ride will take you to several well-known water towns including Zhouzhuang Town, Xitang Town, Tongli Town, and Nanxun Town. Day tours to these water towns are offered at Shanghai Central Bus Station.
Spring and autumn are the best seasons to visit Shanghai. Shanghai perfectly harmonizes the classic oriental charm with the modern metropolitan fashion, so include Shanghai in your itinerary the next time you visit China.
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