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Chinese tea (茶)

Posted in Travel and Adventure by Administrator on the November 18th, 2009

China_teaChinese like to give tea as a gift to friend and family. If you are one of the lucky Americans who get this gift, what will you do? Tea lovers will drink it and enjoy it while others although appreciate the gift may re-gift it to give it away. Many people don’t know how to deal with loose tea leaf. I am not a serious tea drinker so I understand that. No matter which level you are at with tea drinking, it doesn’t hurt to have some tea knowledge.
Tea is native to China. Chinese has a long history and tradition of using tea for
medical and drinking purposes. There are four major tea categories: white, green, oolong and black. Among them, green tea is the most popular. Chinese flower tea (花茶), while popular, is not a true tea. In fact, flower tea is one of my favorite. It is so refreshing and fragrant.
Famous Chinese teas are: Jiansu province’s Bi Luo Chun (碧螺春), Zhejiang province’s Gunpowder (珠), Hangzhou’s Long Jing (龙井, Dragon Well), Anhui province’s Huang Shan Mao Feng (黄山毛峰), Hunan province’s Jun Shan Yin Zhen (君山銀針), Anhui province’s Keemun black teas (祁门), Anhui province’s Liu An Gua Pian (六安瓜片, Melon seed), Sichuan province’s Meng Ding Gan Lu (蒙頂), Hunan province’s Silver Needle, Fujian province’s Wu Yi Yan Cha (Rock Oolong), Henan province’s Xin Yang Mao Jian (信阳毛尖, Green tip), and Yunnan province’s Puer teas (普洱茶). Among them, some are yellow tea and some grow on the mountains.
Some people believe the first year tea is the best. I bought a 7-year old compacted Puer tea on a trip to southern China. I was told if I drink it after a meal, it has a diet effect because this tea absorbs fat.
Chinese tea culture also includes exquisite tea-set used to serve tea and nice tea houses for people to get together. Almost on any China trip, you have the opportunity to taste tea. What a great way to find out on your own what Chinese tea is like! For serious tea drinkers, there are also special tea trips to cater your love of Chinese tea. So cheers with Chinese tea, for good health or simply for pleasure.