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Lesson learned: price vs. value

Posted in Family and Friends by Administrator on the August 5th, 2009

Our family spent a 9-day vacation on Canadian Rockies and Montana Glacier National Park. While we totally enjoyed the breathtaking beautiful nature and had a wonderful family time, we also learned a valuable lesson on price vs. value.
Fairmont Chateau located on the world famous picturesque Lake Louise. The hotel room runs from $245 to $1800 per night. After a terrific morning stroll around Lake Louise, my boys wanted very much to stay at the hotel. So we did it for $500 a night with a lake-view suite. However, immediately after check-in, we regretted. It is a huge hotel. It took us at least half an hour from the time we parked the car in front of the lobby to the time we find our room. Yes we had an amazing view from the room, but we did not spend much time in our room after all. In addition, we had to pay $32 for self-parking the car at the garage and a deposit of $100 for property damage just in case.
Compare with our prior night’s stay at Lake Louise Inn for a family suite of $200 where every penny is worth it, we all learned a valuable lesson from this experience. We decided the kids should feel the pain of spending too much money on fame that they each should contribute $100 for the stay.
While you enjoy the beautiful pictures we took on the trip at, I hope you don’t make the same mistake like we did.